About Mel

I am a multi instrumentalist who can play saxophone, violin, piano, guitar and bass. I’ve written a lot of my own songs and sang in and led the punk / indie rock band ‘ ParaFernalia,’ for several years, releasing our album ‘Weekend Anarchist’ in 2007.
I love music with a passion and have been making , taking part and teaching music for longer than I can remember.
My background has been a bit of everything, as I have played violin in orchestras, chamber groups , down a pit supporting an opera production to playing Saxophone in jazz clubs, boats, weddings, parties and night clubs across the world. My latest project is a gypsy, jazz, ska (gypskazz , a new genre!) called the Londinos aka “Gypskazz.”
We have performed at some prestigious events such as the Ealing Jazz Festival and at Trafalgar Square as part of the Paralympic games 2012. I have really enjoyed leading and managing this band as it makes great music, is fun and has a really fresh sound!
I also perform as a soloist, and in part of a duo, trio and quartet as well as performing with DJ’s in clubs and parties.
including Hedkandi and Ministry of Sound events.