born deaf ….

I was born with a 50% neuro-congenital hearing loss.

I am a twin and my sister was born with cerebal palsy and learning disability.

Up to the age of 5 the professionals didn’t know what was wrong with me, as I was not responding to people normally.

I had crazy, curly hair and it was constantly in a knot at the back, running about the place bumping into things, then they realised I was deaf and that is why I was not developing like an average child.

I had hearing aids but back then they were rubbish. You couldnt actually hear anything wearing them, because all they did was just amplify all the noise you didn’t want to hear and make it impossible to hear what you really want to hear. (Hearing people have the ability to zone in on the noise they want and block out noise they don’t want.)

Have a vivid memory of being taken to the pantomine for a birthday treat and not being able to hear anything of the show, just the sound of sweets wrappers being opened and scrunched up.

I was a bit behind at school and my written english was appalling. I couldn’t spell very well and left off the ed ‘s at the end of past tense words. I would get fed up as people couldn’t be bothered to keep repeating things over and over .

People ask how I can I play music with a hearing loss. I suppose its the vibrations and the resonance. Also the fact that music elevates us to another place free from words, so I tap into that. I love bass and would quite happily stand in front of the speakers in a club, feeling the vibrations running up my back.

I have struggled with singing and with microphones because of my hearing loss. It is really hard to pitch and to monitor my sound as I cannot feel the resonance. There are certain frequencies I cannot hear, like high ones. I also learnt to¬† lip read and read people’s body language. It’s funny how much more honest people are when you watch this.

My aim when playing music is to ultimate feel it and then I start to tingle.

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