“how to have a top 10 hit in the music industry.” Answer ” rid of all talent.

A friend of mine who recently went to a question and answer with Toni Visconti, producer of David Bowie reported back that when asked by a young inspiring singer,  ‘ what do you need to do to have a hit record?’he replied,

“Rid yourself of all talent and creativity and become a small minded, corporately driven , shrewd business person. That is how. ” Or something along those lines. Then huge round applause. 

SO there you go one of the biggest names in the biz , and producer of one of the most talented amazing, creative artiste,  the world has seen and boom! Apparently he said this is the worst time to have talent and creativity.

How do we combat this? Well why are we creativity. Why am I creative?  Really truthfully,  because I need to be. Have to be. Just am. Can’t help it. Blooming annoying sometimes and the most amazing thing in the world other times. In constant pain as being an artiste makes you see and feel life its all complexity, all the time , from pure , blissful beauty to harsh , ugly despair. Hear the voices of all those in pain and suffering and all the ecstasy of those surviving in joy and shame,  even at the expense of others.  So to write a song or play a lament on the saxophone helps release all this, somehow is a necessity.  So have to keep on doing it.

Hopefully people will enjoy the music to and somehow feel entertained or relieved by it too. Thats what I set out to do anyhow.

Be great to be a time again when the industry actually revelled talent and pure creativity , but not sure when that will be.

Got to keep on going, keep on moving as this is what we have to do.

This is a new song I’m working on actually.. : )








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