I WANT to SING!!!!!!

……but because of my hearing loss and how it affects my ability to sing it has always been an issue. But instead of stopping and giving up, it has made me want to do it more.  Perhaps to some people’s horror. Yes singing seems to be one of those thing people really want to tell you that you can or can’t not.

Had quite a lot of people comment on my singing .”Sound like Chas n Dave,” was one comment!!

“You can’t sing!” another.

But I persevered,  through all the negative comments and criticism.  I have always have known about my voice and what it is, and how I found it difficult to sing as I can’t hear the resonance and the pitch and sometimes the other instruments to help me pitch and monitor my voice. But I write songs. I’m a songwriter and I love to sing my songs. I love to sing.!!

So why the hell shouldn’t I?  I know I’m no diva, or never going to sing a Whitney Houston cover (but I wouldn’t want to anyhow.) I sing my way and in my own unique style. I write my songs to suit my voice and range.

I have been trying a few covers recently with my new band and again I choose songs I know I can carry off.

I have had singing lessons , elocution lessons, been on singing workshops. Sang with gongs and meditational tapes, connected to my inner Goddess, screamed down mountains, sang to the cat, the cows, the sheep, everyone who will listen,  sang with choirs and groups, hummed, chanted, and yet it still all comes down to my belief in myself.

How much I knew I could do it. How much I wanted to do it.

So, I just decided – rock n roll, punk – fuck it, I’m doing it! AND If you don’t like, I don’t give a damm, as I love it and I have something to sing about. Yeah!!

And actually the more the believe, the better I get and hey, I have some really good advice about how to sing. Ideas that help me understand, as it doesn’t come naturally to me. And yeah I can do it.

Its like having to understand how to fly without wings.


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