Interview with BOO TV!!

A few weeks ago I went up to Shoreditch in London to record a short interview with Becky from Boo TV.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and Shoreditch was heaving. Hadn’t met Becky before, so I was standing in the crowd outside the train station wondering who to look out for. The picture on her FaceBook page is an animation, so was looking out for someone with pink and green hair or Not?

She was running a bit late, so walked round the corner to source food and found the most amazing Falafel and Halloumi street food stall. It was amazingly delicious! Had lashings of tahini sauce and chilli on top. Will go back there for sure. Good value too. : )

Whilst waiting, a young women with a dog came up and said could she borrow my phone to make a call to her mate,  to say where she was, as her phone had no charge. I rang the number for her and she spoke on speaker phone. She was looking at my food with hungry eyes, so offered her a piece of  falafel which she took happily.

When Becky arrived  we found a cool spot just under the railway tracks, with a backdrop of graffiti and bricks to shoot the video. I was a little bit nervous, as didn’t know what to expect, but Becky put me at ease and made the whole thing go really smoothly and I enjoyed it. I think I look ok. You know when you worry, you won’t come across very well or not look great!

Really pleased with the interview and the video is out on YouTube now!

Check it out. Its only six minutes.  Ask yourself what is your favourite ice cream and why? An insight into who you are !! : )   Mine is Pralines n cream , nutty and sweet.  Ha ha!  Also what would you fill a swimming pool with?…….

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