Release date 29th March 2019

Born Deaf is definitely a labour of love. It has taken me nearly three years to complete it! And wow what a journey.

I was doing a bit as and when I had time and when my producer Ross Power had time too, for me to come to the studio. Fitting it in-between jobs and life. I really wanted to do the album, as I have had these songs roaming around my head for ages and needed to get them down , one way or another. It has been an amazing cathartic experience and very rewarding. I so pleased with the result and feel that the songs represent how I wanted them to sound and feel. Its also very eclectic album . There’s rock, pop, punk, soul, dance, electronic, jazz..

I have struggled with my deafness and my voice and sometimes it was really challenging to be in the studio and get the song down how it deserved. But got there in the end with a lot of focus.

The photography for the album was done by a friend of mine Pav and we worked on getting the image like this. Took a few goes but think this works well, as it represents me being deaf but strong and kind of looks like a Zebra head in shape. The design was done my Dane Buckman. Originally it was a black background but decided that was too boring and brought in the red and white stripes to liven it up. It also can represent the idea of noise and the way I hear the world around me.

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