Hi all!

My name is melZebra and I have been making up songs since I was a small girl, playing in the garden. My first couple of songs were called “The Light of Summer,” and a song about “Bluebells.” Wouldn’t want to record these or anything, but I can still remember them all these years later. Songs are like friends, lovers even. You go through a relationship with them, can’t stop singing and humming them, to really wish they would just go away. When I’m writing a new song it kind of becomes like a mantra to my life at the time. I repeat the lyrics again and again and if there is a message in it, I almost live my that, until I’ve finished it.
My “She Loves Heroine” song took me six months to find and be content with the finally line. “… and nobody knows, of her blissful end!”

I’ve moved around a lot and spent some time in Edinburgh. This is where I came back to songwriting properly as I found myself hanging out with a lot of songwriters. I learnt guitar so that I could join in at jammin’ parties and sing-a-longs. I was in a band up there, and we wrote songs collaboratively. This is a great thing to do as it free’s up your own songwriting abilities and opens up new possibilities.

I moved back to London and started a band called ParaFernalia, playing songs that I had written. We released an album called “Weekend Anarchist,” which is the title track on the album. The band went through many different line-ups and at one time it was an all female band , which was really exciting!

I’m currently working with a producer on my second album down here in Kent. A new kind of sound , more studio based and with electronic undertones.
Can’t wait to finish it and share it with you!!

I really believe life is a journey and we try to live as close to our journey as we can, sometimes we get distracted. (Very Distracted!!) But somehow we return back to our path. We all deserve to be happy and to find peace and contentment.
Keep on Moving!!……