TIME MANAGEMENT working musician and music teacher and everything else

Sometimes I wonder how I’m going to fit it all in. Working in a school for young people with autism and special needs, teaching, attending rehearsals, gigging, practice,  keeping up social media, organising events and promotions, other admin like paying bills and sorting out car insurance or something (can’t believe how long this takes,!!) being a mum and general well-being, keeping fit exercise, voluntary work and making sure I spend time with the family and friends etc…:)

Gigging for example, nothing beats performing, don’t get me wrong.  I love the buzz and the energy, feeding off the audience and taking the atmosphere to another level. WOW! And It’s exhausting! When I started gigging all those years ago, couldn’t believe how tiring it was. A typical gig looks like this. Tend to have to get to the venue before anyone else around 6pm (and that is after a days work) to set up and do sound check. Then lots of hanging around before play. Most of the time won’t be finishing till after midnight. By time packed up and ready to go its around 1/1:30am,  then have to drive home.

Every musician I speak to says the same, you can’t just get home and go to bed straightaway, as you are wired and have adrenalin running through the veins. So need to stay up for bit, have a hot drink bit of food and watch some mindless TV or something, to settle down.

Next day, feel like,  been run over by a bus. Body is aching all over and the fatigue is sensational.

Over time you build up the stamina and get used to it but never goes away completely. Ok, if you are a multi-millionaire musician you can go off to Bahamas to relax for a month, after a tour, get your ‘booty’ in a glossy magazine. But if you are a working musician and have other commitments, no such luck. Just carry on…

Also, I know you won’t believe it but being deaf and wearing hearing aids is exhausting too. I can’t switch off the sound,  the world is amplified and hearing everything digitally, is actually a sensory overload. When I take them off,  I hear a kind of auditory shadow of the day, buzzing in my ear for a while, as my ears adjust to hearing in analogue  again and the nice natural algorithms.

So what do I do for time management,  and not burning out after a few weeks.

Well, sometimes I do feel burnt out, to be honest.  But think  the thing I found works out best, is to compartmentalise. Make time for each task that needs doing and stick to it. Don’t go over these times and make sure that rest and breaks are included. Once the time of working has finished, don’t keep on going, even if isn’t finished.

Just leave it and finish the next time that time is scheduled.

I make sure get at least 3 early nights a week , and a full 8 hours of sleep. And rest in bed, before lights out, preferably without a digital device.

Make sure schedule in time for exercise,  even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, it will help relax and rest better at night as well as energise. Yoga is really great for centring the body again and I’m even getting into a bit of meditation these days. 15 / 20 mins. Takes a lot of practice to do this, to really switch off to the days demands and let your mind wander off on a well needed astral plane.

Can’t do everything , even though wish I could and there is a kind of mental challenge in that, to allow yourself to be content and happy with what you have now and be in the centre of the universe.  Not always thinking more, more,  that is what brings on the burn out, the constant voice telling you that you have not done enough.

Haven’t got all the answers, that’s for sure. But without managing my time I wouldn’t be able to do all the things want to do..

AS well as save the world of course. Bring peace  and justice to all human beings!!…………..



2 thoughts on “TIME MANAGEMENT working musician and music teacher and everything else

  1. Matt says:

    brilliant stuff.
    great combination of scientific theory and spiritual awakening skills!
    play on!


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