What ‘s it like to wear hearing aids?…

After a long day wearing hearing aids, my ears feel tired. Not just because I have had something in my ears for a long time, but because all day, I’ve been hearing the world in digital and not nice,  natural analogue with beautiful algorithms.

Don’t get me wrong,  if I didn’t have the hearing aids, it would be impossible to do my job working in a school or carrying out lots of things,  to be honest.

But hearing through digital devices is like hearing via a radio signal. There are lots of cut-off frequencies, compression, noise reduction and occasional squeaks. And then there is the feedback. When its windy,  I get loads of feedback or if there is a loud noise,  in the car or travelling on other transport. So if I go for a walk or a jog its better if I don’t wear them. So hard to hear my jogging partner or friend.

The ear has a natural ability to cut out sounds it doesn’t want to hear and process, but hearing aids don’t do this, so I get a lot of amplified,  unwanted noise.

Also, if something comes close to the aid, they whistle , so I can’t wear hats over my ears. Or if I don’t open them properly so the battery is not engaged when I take them off,  they squeak and whistle.

One night,  I stayed over at a friends house and I put my hearing aids for safe-keeping on the mantlepiece. The next day they weren’t there. It was after a hour of frantic searching, that we saw that the cats were playing with something that was squeaking. My hearing aids. Luckily they weren’t damaged.

It is kind of more accepted these days wearing aids. People don’t stare and wonder what the hell you have in your ears. Actually I think they are becoming a fashion accessory and with more and more people wearing things in their ears to connect with their phone via bluetooth, it really is like the norm!

Even some modern hearing aids have bluetooth in them, so you can connect them to your phone or music or whatever, which is pretty cool. I was able to do that with mine. But had to stop as I started picking up on other signals, even the police  radio, which was a bit odd. Also when I wasn’t wearing them I had strange buzzing in my skull. Which isn’t good either.

I have tried to be creative with them and looked for the pro’s such as being able to turn them off when its too noisy or don’t want to hear anymore I  have even used my hearings aids in one of recordings. A Man Without A Face. We recorded the whistling and squeaking and its part of the intro and outro to the song






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