Why I started to learn the Saxophone….

I started learning the saxophone because when I  was working as a support worker for children with learning difficulties a while back ,  we attended a music workshop. The workshop leader started to play his saxophone and immediately I got goosebumps all over and knew right there and then,  I had to play that instrument.

I had played the violin in my childhood and was a member of many orchestras. however I began to lose interest and was also looking at the brass players at the back thinking they were having such a better time than us string players. They had a lot less notes and when they did play they were far louder than all of us put together : )

I kind of grew uninspired by music around then and had a bit of a lull playing anything, until that day when the lightening bolt hit and I knew what I wanted to do.

I got a second hand saxophone the very next day and was playing, practising and within a week could play  the tunes in my first music book. I think being able to play another instrument helped, as was able to transfer knowledge and skills of music onto the instrument. The hardest bit about Saxophone is the breathing , developing embouchure and muscle strength. These don’t come straight away and have to train, just like training for a sport. A bit every day.

I then decided that I wanted to learn Jazz and applied for a course in Edinburgh. I was practising 5 to 6 hours a day to get to the standard required for my audition. Couldn’t believe it,  when they accepted me.

I had lessons with Phil Bancroft and also this is when I got my first professional instrument with the help of EMI music foundation, whom sponsored the cost of half the saxophone.

I got a Keilwerth SX90R Saxophone , It was beautiful and was overwhelmed by it for a whole week. I couldn’t believe that I had been playing such clunky , clanky instrument before, compared to this amazing,  genius machine. Even more ‘wow ‘ and awe inspiring , was the fact it had the serial number 111666. The Devil’s horn!! That blew me away. Still does.

I had a blast in Edinburgh and started up and ran jazz jams and played with lots of musicians.

It was here I also started learning the acoustic guitar and getting into songwriting.


To be continued…..

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